SAE Development Program

The SAE Development Program is a underclassmen program meant to provide the knowledge that an engineer may need when developing a design project.

The majority of new students, especially freshmen, are not equipped with upper-level engineering tools. From SolidWorks to Milling to Welding, most students won’t cover this material until their 2nd or 3rd year (if they even take the course). Students will be required take a certain amount of classes to qualify for the

The classes will be on a sign-up basis. We had to do this due to availability of teachers and classroom size limits. If a sign-up becomes filled, we will start an interest list to determine if we will host a replicated class.

While we hope to fill the knowledge gap students may have, each class is not meant to be a replacement for a full semester course. We recommend that students take some time outside of the program to practice or research on their own. Additionally, we do not offer certificates of completion unless specified for that class.

If you are interested in the Underclassmen Development Program, please contact the program directors at