BAJA 2019


The Texas A&M Baja SAE Team placed 52nd overall out of 99 teams in California this year. In the static events, the team finished 9th in cost report, 17th in design presentation, and 16th in sales presentation. In the dynamic events, the team finished 56th in acceleration, 38th in hill climb, 63rd in suspension and 65th in endurance.


The Texas A&M Baja SAE Team returns to compete again in the 2019 season. Led by project manager Luke Szrama, the 2019 team is currently working hard to design their 2019 vehicle. 

The 2019 team was organized into

Project Manager

Luke Szrama


Team Lead: Keefe Baker

Members: Levi Tips, Randall Schank, Maria Ramos


Team Lead: Miles Eldred

Members: Matthew Hay, Ethan McPeek, Christopher Larson, Keefe Baker, Maria Ramos, William Sullivan


Team Lead: Kyle Patrick

Members: Nicholas King


Team Lead: Rachel Tucker

Members: Levi Tips, William Spreen, Grant Stillwagon, Victor Contreras, Ethan Boyle, Ian Rowatt, Luke Szrama


Team Lead: Cody Richter

Members: Ian Knight, Byron Seaberg, Mason Orr, Andres Illarramendi, Joseph Menna, Randall Schank


If you wish to support the 2019 team please contact Luke Szrama at or click the button below. Additionally, please take a look at the sponsorship pamphlet here