2020 baja team goals

As we reach the midpoint of the Fall 2019 semester, the 2019-2020 BAJA team is hard at work designing our brand-new BAJA car. Taking into account our research and knowledge gained from discussing with previous teams, we have decided to focus on making a reliable, well handling car. Reliability is key as the main event at the competitions is a 4-hour endurance race, from which 40% of the total competition points are awarded. Our performance in this event can very well determine our overall placement in competition. In addition, we are shooting to produce a well handling car. This entails being not only maneuverable, but capable of tackling large, difficult obstacles, such as boulders and logs. All members have these performance goals in mind as they design their parts.

On top of our performance goals, Texas A&M BAJA prides itself on being an important hands on experience for students on campus. While we take students from any major, given they have the qualifications we are looking for, we are mainly made up of engineering students. Depending on the classes students take, they will be exposed to varying degrees of real world design and manufacturing experience. BAJA is a way to ensure student’s exposure to a real world application of the design and manufacturing process, while also allowing them to see a physical application to the theory they learn in class. As a result, BAJA aspires to be a fantastic experience for students to learn teamwork, design and manufacturing skills, critical thinking, and determination.

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