Texas A&M Finishes Tenth in Lincoln

Texas A&M joined 75 other schools in Lincoln, Nebraska for the 2019 Formula SAE International competition. The overall competition placement is based off the total accumulated points out of 1000 points available. The 1000 points on offer come from a combination of dynamic and static events. There are three static events and five dynamic events at the competition. A business presentation (75 points), a cost report (100 points), and a design report (150 points) make up the three static events. The five dynamic events consist of acceleration (100 points), skid pad (75 points), autocross (125 points), endurance (275 points) and fuel efficiency (100 points). Overall, we were able to score 684.4 points to finish 10th out of the 76 teams. While this isn’t exactly the result we were looking for overall after being 2-time reigning champions in 2017 and 2018, the team is very proud of the 10th place finish.

After facing some issues in technical inspection, our team was able to complete the brake and sound test with only two hours left to complete the acceleration and skid pad events. During our first skid pad run, the car was able to cross the finish line in 25th position. However, we had a fuse blow on the car causing the fan on the radiator to stop working, making the engine overheat during the event. Crunched for time, the team was able to change the burned out fuse but we were only able to complete one acceleration run, coming across 18th. Going into the autocross run, we were confident in the handling of the car. The first driver was able to complete all three of his laps but on his last run of the event, the car was stuck in second gear. The team went hard at work to solve the issues but we could not get our second driver out in time. Despite only having one driver complete the event and being stuck in second gear for our fast lap, we finished 18th in the autocross event. With the 18th place finish in autocross, we started our endurance run after the lunch break on Saturday. Our hopes of having a stress free endurance run quickly vanished as the engine temperatures quickly rose to around 225 degrees for the first driver. With the first driver able to finish all 8 laps, the second driver climbed in and experienced the same issues. With the engine overheating, there was a drastic loss of power. Despite the issues, the team finished 8th in the endurance event and 9th in the fuel efficiency event.

Despite the setbacks we had throughout the event, we are more than happy with our 10th place finish at the SAE International event in Lincoln. The team did a great job in the static events placing 33rd in cost report, 23rd in the business presentation, and 21st in the design event. The team worked extremely hard all school year and finishing in tenth is a great representation of this years work.

We would like to thank all our sponsors, mentors, and professors who helped us make Texas A&M Formula 2019 the team that it is today. Without your help, competing in Lincoln would not have been an option.

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