Formula 2019


The Texas A&M Formula SAE Team placed 10th overall out of 76 teams in Lincoln, Nebraska this year. In the static events, the team finished 33rd in the cost report, 21st in the design presentation, and 23rd in the business presentation. In the dynamic events, the team finished 18th in acceleration, 25th in Skid-Pad, 18th in autocross, 8th in endurance and 9th in fuel efficiency.

The 2019 Team was organized into five sub-teams: powertrain, chassis, aerodynamics, suspension, and electrical. 


Lead: Christopher Fleming

Members: Brian Muldoon, Sally Hill


Lead: Hunter Hakala

Members: Matthew Urdahl, Max Gerber, Eric Kroeger, Mason Law, Edwardo Jilpas


Lead: Anna Delgadillo

Members: Jacob Trent, Kevin Roark, Isaac Leer


Lead: Austin Volling 

Members: Brad Patlovany, Alexander Lieder, Matthew Fisseler, Garreth Tran


Lead: Jeremy Ruggiero