Society of Automotive Engineers’ ChampCar

The ChampCar Program is an underclassmen program meant to provide members with the opportunity to participate in a design project regardless of their previous experience.

The ChampCar Endurance Series is a racing serious consisting of sprints from seven to 24 hours in length using a modified car. The final product must meet the basic competition rules and safety requirements.

As participating members, the design team will decide what vehicle they want to modify into an endurance vehicle. Throughout the semester, the team will learn how to optimize their car for all conditions that may arise during a competition from power and suspension tuning to longevity and repair. The goal for the team will then be to apply that knowledge and new understanding from SAE ChampCar hosted workshops to create a competitive vehicle. Finally, the team will race the car at competition.

We would like to emphasize that while we always aim to win at competition, ChampCar’s primary objective is to ensure that those who participate in this program gain valuable hands-on experience with designing, building, and understanding what inherently makes a motorized vehicle tick.

ChampCar is open to all members of Texas A&M’s Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). While we will have recurring meeting dates and construction deadlines, we do not have a required time commitment to ChampCar. Additionally, members of SAE may join at any time. Since we allow students to commit as much or as little of their time to this program, we simply ask that you respect the leadership by notifying the ChampCar leaders in the case of an absence or withdrawal from the program.