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Baja SAE is a collegiate design series that challenges young engineers to design, fabricate, test, present, and race an off-road vehicle. This competition not only enables students to develop their technical skills, but also their ability to interact with sponsors, manage budgets, ensure safety standards, and communicate their design reasoning.

Baja SAE became part of Texas A&M in the spring of 2017 and competed for the first time in May of 2018 at Pittsburgh, Kansas. Now that Texas A&M Baja is facing its second year, it hopes to build upon the lessons of the first vehicle to bring an even stronger presentation, product, and team to competition.


The primary goal of Texas A&M Baja is to act as a vehicle for self-motivated engineering students to extend their learning in a practical manner outside of the classroom and to develop the skills needed to become contributing members and leaders in the engineering industry.

The competition

Baja SAE has three events within the United States each year that have historically taken place in various states including California, Illinois, New York, Maryland, Oregon, and Kansas. The Endurance event, a four hour race against 80 other collegiate teams, provides the most points at competition (400 out of 1000). The next most valued events are Design Presentation (150), Cost (100), Acceleration (75), Maneuverability (75), Hill Climb or Sled Pull (75), Suspension (75), and Sales Presentation (50).


If you have further questions about the program, or would like to become involved as a student or industry representative, please contact Luke Szrama, 2019 Project Manager, at baja.sae.tamu@gmail.com.


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