Texas A&M Baja SAE


what is baja sae?

BAJA SAE is an undergraduate design team whose overarching goal is to build a single seat, off road vehicle to compete with each year. Through the course of a year, a team of students will be challenged to go through the whole engineering process to create a new, one of a kind vehicle, to meet the challenges of each competition. Through this process, students will learn and improve on a variety of skills, such as public speaking and communication, to team work and critical thinking, as well as a multitude of technical skills in the manufacturing phase.

our goals and missions

Texas A&M BAJA was created with the mission to create well rounded engineers. Students spend 4+ years in a University classroom setting filling their brains with knowledge. BAJA SAE is a practical application for the knowledge learned in the classroom. Here, the statics, dynamics, and material science classes will be applied to component design and manufacturing. For this reason, Texas A&M BAJA produces a brand-new car each year, allowing the students to fully design a vehicle from the ground up.

Going into our third year, Texas A&M BAJA is looking to establish ourselves as a front runner when it comes to the design of our car. BAJA competitions are notoriously brutal on all components of the car, so survival is key. We believe that the best car is one which maximizes durability while still keeping the acceleration and handling characteristics of a race-car. To achieve this, we push students to apply their knowledge learned through engineering classes to an iterative design process to ultimately produce components that can be tested and proven on the finished car.

how to get involved

The 2019-2020 BAJA SAE team has already begun work on our car but it is not too late to get involved. At the beginning on the Fall 2019 semester, an application will be posted below for the BAJA Apprentice program. While this is open to all students, it is geared towards the students who might be inexperienced in the design and manufacturing process but are excited and willing to put in the time to gain experience. The apprentice program allows these students to work along side full time BAJA SAE members to hone their current skills and gain valuable new skills.

In addition, BAJA SAE is self-funded, so our whole year depends on the funds we raise through sponsorship’s, donations, and fund raisers. If you are a company or individual visiting our page and would like to get involved with the Texas A&M BAJA program, we very much appreciate any support you can provide. Please feel free to check out the sponsor pamphlet below for more information. If you have further questions about the BAJA program, please feel free to contact Christopher Larson, our Project Manager, at baja.sae.tamu@gmail.com.

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