2020 Aero Team Description

This year, our design team has been presented with a brand-new, unique challenge: the optimization of a Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) aircraft with a minimized wingspan and a high-volume cargo. Each of our members are hand-picked from Texas A&M’s Engineering programs, and they comprise the following six sub-teams. Every sub-team has an essential role in the design process, and makes our continued success possible.

Director: Jack Kassing
Chief Engineer: John Blausen

Sub-team Lead: Will Cunningham
Applies aerodynamic principles to design the optimal lifting and control surfaces. Utilizes software such as MATLAB, XFLR5, Star-CCM, and our proprietary algorithms for airfoil selection and optimization.
Sub-Team Members:
Stockton Schipul
Ryan Rodriguez
Raphael Banoub
Braeden Wright

Avionics and Propulsion:
Sub-Team Lead: Nathan Davis
Responsible for all electronic systems and propulsion, from control surface actuation to propeller selection.
Sub-Team Members:
Korey Alder
Jay Patel
Blake Pearson

Structures and CAD:
Sub-Team Lead: Saboor Qudsi
Responsible for the structural design of the airframe, ensuring desired performance and minimizing the overall weight. The sub-team also produces SolidWorks models of the aircraft and creates parasolids for CFD analysis.
Sub-Team Members:
Melanie Peavey
Lauren Spellman
Jonathan Cardiel
Nathaniel Fasolino

Stability and Controls:
Sub-Team Lead: Evan Kelly
Computes the optimal stability requirements for the aircraft, a process which involves the application of high-level dynamics to determine control and stability derivatives.
Sub-Team Members:
Marshall McCray
Chris Gloyna

Manufacturing and Materials Science:
Sub-Team Lead: Luke McFarling
Determines the building techniques, materials, and procedures that will produce the best outcome for the competition aircraft. This sub-team is also responsible for the supply chain management of materials and tooling.
Sub-Team Members:
David Gordon
Andrew Fisseler
Grace Mainka
Holt Feigle

Business Executive:
Performs the business tasks which underpin the team’s operations, such as budgeting, fundraising, logistics, and the maintenance and development of corporate and sponsor relations.
Sub-Team Members:
Kyle Curnutt
Christopher Kinnally