Lead Engineer- Bretta Winters
Team members apply low speed aerodynamic principles to design an optimal RC aircraft configuration. Members will utilize XFLR5, Excel, MATLAB, and CFD programs to model and optimize aircraft performance. 
    Team Members:
    -Will Cunningham
    -Ryan Rodriguez
    -Stockton Schipul
    -Jeffrey Young
    -Joseph El-Ashkar
    -Tyler Bittner

Avionics & Propulsion:
Lead Engineer-John Blaussen
Members are responsible for all electronics and the propulsion system. This includes knowledge of propeller / motor efficiency, torque matching, servo placement, electronic circuits, and data logging.
    Team Members:
    -Raphael Banoub
    -Joshua Zschiesche
    -Jack Zassing
    -Britt Bowlin

CAD & Manufacturing:
Lead Engineer-Robert Baldwin
Member’s responsibilities include creating Solidworks models of the aircraft, determining building materials with structures, creating parasolid models for Aerodynamics’ CFD analysis, and leading the construction of the plane. Members receive a strong background in Solidworks and hands on construction. 
    Team Members:
    -Nathan Davis
    -Siri Hill
    -Christopher Harvey
    -Brent Wooldridge
    -Jorge Sanchez

Stability & Controls:
Lead Engineer-Dakota Medley
Members will derive the preferred stability and control derivatives for the aircraft. The goal of S&C is to work with the other sub-teams in order to make the aircraft stable and controllable, while still having characteristics that make it competitive. The team deals with a large amount of computer calculations through Excel, XFLR5, AAA, and other programs. The design process is very detail oriented and iterative. 
    Team Members:
    -Sam Perry
    -David Wu
    -Evan Kelly
    -Anton Oelmann

Lead Engineer-Jonathan Chiu
Members will be in charge of designing the structure of the aircraft in order to create the lightest aircraft possible within a set factor of safety. 
    Team Members:
    -Brianna Johnson
    -Saboor Qudsi
    -David Gordon
    -Jovanny Rodriguez

Thank you to the 2019 sponsors for making this project a reality!